For our (The Drivers Edge) Yellow and Red Solo-Approved Drivers:

The Drivers Edge solo-approved drivers in Yellow and Red are eligible for the discounted price of $305.
You are NOT approved SOLO driver if any of the following conditions apply:
  • You are in the Green or Blue run groups.
  • You are New To Us...(never been to one of our schools, evaluated under our driver skill set/standards)
  • You have not driven this particular track yet or track direction or track configuration yet.
  • You have not run with us in the past 12 months. (we need to reevaluate you to our ever changing driver skill set/standards)
NOTE: Because all driving events and organizations are not the same, or do not require the same qualifications or skill sets to become a solo approved driver, we limit registration discount to The Drivers Edge solo approved yellow and red run group drivers only.

Car Clubs:
The Drivers Edge car club discount is applied after the first 10 members that sign up for any one of our high performance driving school weekends.

To Qualify:
Ten club members need to do is register online and in the location that asks for club affiliation type in club name and we'll do the rest. After we receive 10 registrations from the club those ten will receive a 10% discount...we'll automatically deduct it from their payment. We accept checks and credit cards.

You can't combine Discounts...each discount is not valid with any other offers...

Call for details how to give the Edge to the driving enthusiast in your life!
Contact us at or 903 303-3000 for all the exciting details.